RPC-M5C-EA Front and Back

A 19-inch, half-1U type model.
Optimized for monitoring and rebooting routers and web cameras.
Able to gracefully shut down PCs and servers with its built-in shutdown script feature.

Reboot Frozen Devices with Ping Monitoring 

RPC-M5C-EA's core feature is detecting and rebooting frozen IP devices using PING packets. When a device is unable to respond to automatic pings, the Rebooter will consider the device frozen and automatically turn off and on the outlet it is connected to, effectively performing a hard reboot. Users are able to configure up to four monitoring-targeted IP addresses.





Reboot Frozen Devices with Heartbeat Monitoring 

The RPC-M5C-EA is able to automatically perform power reboot on a digital signage STB (Set Top Box Media Players). This powerful feature also allows for power ON/OFF profiles depending on absence/transmission of heartbeat packets. With this feature, it is possible to turn off displays while the media player undergoes shutdown/reboot procedures. It is also possible to keep display power off while the system is not operating as normal (and not sending heartbeat packets). Heartbeat packet data strings should contain "xxxxxHB"+CRLF, where xxxxx is user defined, and "xxxxxACK" is returned.
This new feature allows the RPC-M5C-EA to monitor for freezes on devices and NIC at an application level.

Complementary with the Rebooter, Meikyo Electric has released an application for Windows that transmits heartbeat packets at user-defined intervals. Download here. This heartbeat application analyzes CPU usage rates by target software and monitors it for freezes and hangups. 



Schedule Up to 20 Power Control Events 

RPC-M5C-EA comes with up to 20 power control events on weekly schedules. Besides the ability to schedule ON, OFF, and REBOOT events, it can also send scheduled emails to a target email address. This way, the user can utilize the feature as an alive monitoring device. To start using the scheduling feature, the user must configure the product with an appropriate NTP server.




Online Updates

The product features online firmware updates.
With a good internet connection, the user is able to directly download and install new features and bug fixes that are also released on the website. There is also the option to download the files from the website and upload/install the updates via a local connection.



Robust Power Control Features

The RPC-M5C-EA not only comes equipped with these automatic freeze detection/reboot features, it also boasts robust remote access/control methods, such as http, telnet, text mail, and direct web command. User interface is modified according to device, so mobile users will enjoy an optimized experience when accessing the product locally or remotely.