Document PDF

Catalog PDF

・Update date:April 28 2017 ・2,9KB

Specification PDF

・Update date:November 1 2019 ・111KB

Detailed User’s Manual PDF

・Update date:October 29 2019 ・1,1KB

Shutdown Script User’s Manual PDF

・Update date:October 29 2019 ・ 174KB

Firmware Upgrade File

Firmware Upgrade File 【M5CEA110Bvup】

Windows10 Windows7 Format ZIP(718KB)

This file is used for updating the firmware version of the Rebooter.

・Update date:August 27 2019 ・Ver:1.10

This PDF is an explanation of how to update the firmware.

[RPC-M5C-EA How to VersionUp(PDF)]

Other Downloads

Data (Private MIB)

 Format ZIP(13KB)

This is a Private MIB of the Rebooter. It is for SNMPv1.

・Update date: February 15 2017

Meikyo Heartbeat Application

Windows10 Windows7 Format ZIP(302KB)

This software can send heartbeat packets.
You can use it for detecting frozen devices.

・Update date:April 16 2019 ・Ver:1.5

MRC Shutdown Server Application

Windows10 Windows7 Format ZIP( 289KB )

This software is a telnet server software.
It is designed for the Shutdown-scripts of the Rebooter.
You can shutdown Windows OS by using this software.
It is a resident program.

・Update date:November 02 2019 ・Ver:1.0

This document explains the usage of the shutdown-script

[Shutdown Script User’s Manual (PDF)]

Project Drawing・Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing PDF

・Update date:April 28 2017 ・ 349KB

Outline Drawing DXF

・Update date:April 28 2017 ・ 137KB